About Gaganbawada

Gaganbawda is a town situated in the district of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India. It is located 55 km by road from Kolhapur. It is the taluka headquarters.

Gaganbawda is situated on the sahyadri range or the western ghats also has a very famous fort Gagangad near it. Gaganbawada, though only 55 km from Kolhapur, is non developed and hilly area of the district. Gaganbawada gets the maximum rainfall during rainy season. Gaganbawada is on threshold of famous Karul Ghat & Bhuibawada Ghat. Perhaps the only place having two ghats originating at a single place but going towards different directions, one towards Talere-Kankavali (Karul Ghat) and another towards Kharepatan-Rajapur (Bhuibawada Ghat). The Kolhapur district boundary ends immediately after Gaganbawada and Sindhudurg District starts just at the beginning of Karul Ghat and Bhuibawada Ghat. From Gaganbawada bus stand, road to the left will take one to the Karul Ghat and road to the right will take you to the Bhuibawada Ghat. The Karul Ghat starts immediately after Gaganbawada village (1 km from bus stand). Karul Ghat goes towards Northern part of Sindhudurg District. Tha quality of road is good. Length of Karul Ghat is 11 km. The entire ghat comes under the administration of Vaibhavwadi Tehsil of Sindhudurg. This ghat is beautiful and very scenic in monsoon. This ghat ends just before Vaibhavwadi and the state highway ends at Talere village (NH 17). The other ghat called Bhuibawada Ghat starts at the right turn from Gaganbawada Bus stand. This entire ghat also comes in Vaibhavwadi Tehsil of Sindhudurg. The ghat is of 10 km length with medium quality road and useful for people going towards southern part of Ratnagiri District's Rajapur area. This ghat ends at Bhuibawada and this road will further take one to Kharepatan Town (NH 17).



Looking back into history, Gaganbawada used to be called Bawada Mahal and comprise the current Gaganbawada tehsil of Kolhapur district and the current entire tehsil of Vaibhavwadi of Sindhudurg district. In 1981, Sindhudurg became the independent district. The entire Vaibhavwadi area which used to be a part of Gaganbawada Tehsil was at the foothills of Sahyadri and it was very tedious for people living at the foothills to come to Gaganbawaba for their daily needs. So the portion of Sahyadri foothills was separated from Gaganbawada tehsil of Kolhapur District and joined to the Sindhudurg District. At that time the villages called Vaibhavwadi, Karul, Bhuibawada, Umbarde, Tithavali, Achirne, etc. became a part of Sindhudurg district and Vaibhavwadi became the tehsil headquarters. Now the funny thing is The Gagangiri Ashram and fort is only 1 km from Gaganbawada of Kolhapur district above Sahyadri range but geographically it is a part of Vaibhavwadi Tehsil of Sindhudurg district which is at the foothills of Sahyadri range.


Scenic Places

  • Rameshwar temple
  • Gagangad fort(1 km)
  • View point at Muslim durga on fort

Best Season to Visit

  • Almost whole year due to its cold climate,heavy rainfall,foggy conditions.
  • Big fair on Datta Jayanti in December


Nearest Attractions

  • Ancient caves and Hindu devotee at palasambe(11 km) (Big fair on Mahashivratri)
  • Lakes at Vesaraf (10 km), Andur (17 km), Kumbhi-Dhamani (4 km), Kode(20 km).
  • Morjai Sada(a plane plateau and temple) at Lakhamapur


Distances from Gaganbawada -------------------------------------

  • Kolhapur - 55 km
  • Pune - 288 km
  • Vaibhavwadi - 19 km
  • Talere - 33 km
  • Kankavali - 55 km
  • Bhuibawada - 12 km
  • Kharepatan - 35 km
  • Rajapur - 55 km
  • Mumbai - 450 km
  • Achara - 88km
  • Malvan - 95 km

Why visit Gaganbawada ??

  • Historical,cultural place
  • Hill station
  • Lovers paradise
  • Enjoy rain and waterfalls in ghats
  • Trekking
  • Camping heaven
  • Wild animal,birds sightings
  • Gaganbawada is a middle of nowhere hill station / monsoon destination (3000 ft. asl) at 55 kms from Kolhapur
  • Gaganbawada is visited for being the place where Late Pujya Shri Gagangiri Maharaj spent most of his life meditating. Ashram is situated on the hill well known for its spirituality.
  • Every year many devotees of Late Pujya Shri Gagangiri Maharaj visit here for meditation

How to Reach

There are plenty of trains to Kolhapur. You can take any one of them to reach the city. Kolhapur has an airport too. The city is well connected by state and private buses as well. You should book a taxi from the airport, station or your hotel to reach the fort, which is about an hour away.

  • Nearest Airport -Belgaum (169 kms), Hubli (260 kms), Pune (295 kms)
  • Nearest Railway Station - Kankavli (48 kms), Kolhapur (58 kms), Kudal (94 kms)
  • Gaganbawda is an Ex-Kolhapur / Ex-Panjim / Ex-Belgaum / Ex-Hubli / Ex-Pune / Ex-Navi Mumbai / Ex-Thane / Ex-Mumbai / Ex-Aurangabad / Ex-Nashik Gateway